[Closed] Casting problems

When I try to cast from my smart Phone to my TV, the episode keeps Loading in both but never start playing. It was working fine a couple of days ago, I tried with another smartphone and has the same problem, I already contacted the help center but didn't receive any answer.



  • Hello there!

    Thanks for writing in! I’m sorry to read you're experiencing these issues with Chromecast.

    To make sure this is not app problem can you please try the following?

    1. Log out from your account
    2. If you're on an Android device, clean the cache and cookies on your device
    3. Uninstall and reinstall both the Viki and Google Home app on your device.
    4. Turn your mobile device off and on again.
    5. Reboot your Chromecast device from the Google Home app
    6. Turn off your internet router, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on.
    7. Make sure Chromecast is connected to the same Wifi network as your device. Also do note that they are either on the same 2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi network.
    8. Log back in to your Viki account and try casting again.

    Are you still having the same issues with the Viki app and Chromecast? If so, please let us know and we'll respond to you via the ticket that you've created.


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