[Closed] What a waste of Subscribtion...

I signed up but still block by region restrictions.
Most of my favorite shows are blocked.

Why wasn't this warned before subscription or at the subscription page?



  • Yes... it's there in the link you gave.
    But it wasn't there on the Subscription Page.

    It's like one of those fake advertisements you know...

    I went to a seaside hotel once... and when I arrived, everything was completely different from their website & posters.
    And when I come complain about it... they pointed toward a 0.5mm label that says "Pictures are Intended For Advertisement Purpose Only" LOLzzz....

    But I gotta admire their photo taking ability, they shot this huge pool that I was so excite to get into.
    Turned out to be just a 1m x 2m Pool. Their ability to take picture is beyond professional level.

    Regarding the Region, there seems to be a Request Form.
    I'll wait & see if it's work... I still have 7 days free access.
    if it's not working... then Bye Bye Viki.

    And I still don't understand about the contents being region locks... There are other sites I can download beside Viki.
    None of them seems to be having Region Lock Issue.

    The only reason I signed for Viki is because someone upload 2 episode of Lost Tomb 2 HD (Eng-sub without Chinese Hard Sub). I like it, full HD version, no annoying ch subs but he stopped uploading after 2 episode. So I asked where he got them from, he said Viki and he recommend me to sign up. I did but what a disappointment.

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  • Hello,

    We're sorry to hear that you feel this way about your Viki Pass subscription benefits. 

    However, a Viki Pass subscription does not include access to geo-blocked content or regionally restricted content and this is stated on the subscription page before users get to choose their plan:

    To provide some context - the topic of licensing and where content is available geographically is a tough one. Very often, content owners - the people we license the content from - tell us where in the world the content is allowed to be seen. Unfortunately, we don't often have a lot of control over this, and we must abide by the wishes of the content owners who make these decisions.

    We're always working on adding more content to more regions, though, and I have a feeling that in the coming months, you'll start to see more and more new and exciting content coming your way. If you would like to request a specific title, please feel free to do so by filling out this form:

    Our content team will see your request, and if possible, we'll try to acquire it for the future.

    For more info on licensing, check out this blog entry written by our CEO on our blog:

    Hope this helps to clarify!


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