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Hello staff,

the new layout is a mess for the eye, the big blocks of screen shots are way too big including big lettering and the big pop out.

Why is "my watch history" in the first line? I can look that up when I need to, wouldn't On Air series be more important to viewers? It makes the screen so cluttered, the little movie icon in dashboard for watch history was just fine.

Under pull down menu of my account, I really miss my projects, my collections aren't that important as my volunteer work. A faster access to the my project page would be highly appreciated.

At last, why Rakuten Viki always needs to change Home page, a change is NOT always better. Is it just to compete with other streamers... developers need to think how practical these changes are and if it doesn't create eye constraint.

Thanks for reading and sharing within the department accordingly. Best, Simi



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