[Closed] Technical problem watching Korean dramas on Viki

Problem watching VIKI Dramas – 7-10-19

Dear Viki:  I have been having issues with watching dramas on Viki since last May, when I attempted to watch Her Private Life, to no avail.  The drama froze every few minutes until it was impossible to continue.  I had to continually sign out of the drama and sign in again in order to watch it. 

Unfortunately, I subsequently had the same issue while watching My Impossible Boyfriend, and now it seems to be happening to all Viki dramas that I am trying to watch.  Some are fixable.   I fast forward a few seconds, but this happens every 5 minutes or so, and is annoying.  Others, such as The Wind Blows and Impossible Dream are not so easy to fix.  I do not have this issue with Netflix.  All dramas stream perfectly.     I sent in a number of alerts to Viki about this issue, but so far it has not been resolved.  This troubles me as we are entering a new season, with about 11 dramas starting on Viki in July. 

The following are a series of emails referring to this problem, but other than having confirmed receiving my complaint, I have never received a follow up saying that that Viki is working on this problem, or how it can be overcome.    I would be grateful for some response.  Do other viewers have the same problem?????




  • I'm having the exact same issue, I too sent them an email describing my situation and no response yet, that was over a week ago. If I watch using the Roku on my TV everything works just fine, but when re-watching shows I prefer my laptop so I can skip. This issue is very frustrating. But you are definitely not alone in this issue. 

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  • Hi there,

    We've just responded to you via email with troubleshooting steps and we'll like to carry on supporting you via email. 

    Here are some troubleshooting steps when videos are buffering: 

    1. Turn off any VPN.
    2. Log out from your account
    3. Clean the cache and cookies on your browser. - How do I clear the cache and cookies on my web browser?
    4. Close the browser and restart it again.
    5. Log back into your Viki account
    6. Try again from another browser

    I do hope this helps!


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