Please Bring Back Waterfall Mode to View All Timed Comments


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    Just wanted to register my agreement. I'm watching a show where I am clearly seeing only half the comments at best. I've gone back and forth over a segment where the comment that I could see was clearly responding to a comment that was not showing up. I got that initial comment to flicker in and out for a second but no more. That's very, very frustrating to me.

    As the poster above stated, the comments and resulting sense of community are a good bit of why I come to Viki to watch shows. It seems fundamental to the experience, especially since Viki has marketed itself as creating community. So, I don't have to have the waterfall, but seems like all the comments should show up at the top or I should have some way of accessing them if they don't. At least, that's what I'd hope for. I've been here a while now and really love this facet of the site, so I'd be very sad to see it go away.

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    I agree, I use Viki only for the timed comments like a lot of people.

    I don't see te reason why Viki decided to remove it. Please put it back.

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    The waterfall timed comments is the only reason why I use this website. 

    Removing a large aspect of what made Viki good is unfortunate, please bring it back

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    seriously, I use Viki only bc I enjoy reading the timed comments and now it's gone. You should know there are tons of competitive website that offer drama for free and timed-comment is your big selling point. I seriously don't get the reason why it is removed. Please bring it back! 


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    I agree with all the comments above I am so upset over the fact that feature is gone. It was one of the main reason I joined viki and pay viki pass each month. Everytime I was rewatching some shows or specific scenes I always used that waterfall mode to see all user timed comments now that it is gone I am considering stop paying the viki pass each month and I am definitely gonna use viki way less than before..

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    Viki distinguished itself from other drama sites in the following ways:

    1. Video quality, and the extent of content choices, and even better the availability of and the quality of the Subs.

    2. Timed comments, though not interactive, but still wonderful since the viewer gets a sense of community and a sense of belonging while watching the reactions of other viewers like themselves.

    And the most unique feature of the timed comments was the ability to view it in waterfall mode (i.e. The side-bar Timed Comments board, better known as Waterfall mode ). This allowed us to view ALL comments.

    Please bring back this AWESOME feature.

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    Please bring it back !!!

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