[Closed] Horrible articles that do not help, horrible service, unanswered questions

I have been consistently trying to cancel my subscription for months now and have sent two requests for help because I have followed their article for cancellation of subscription through and through MULTIPLE times and it REFUSES to allow me to cancel. I do not know what is going on but it is making everything more complicated than it should be. The article is USELESS. I have tried contacting the "SUPPORT" team if you even want to call it that and they have IGNORED my requests EVEN AFTER I stated that I want them to cancel my account as for SOME REASON UNKNOWN - I can NOT. I don't know how many times I have to repeat it. I can not CANCEL my account on my end and I DON'T KNOW WHY. I am filing a dispute with my bank if this continues to go ignored. I have warned the "SUPPORT" team that if they continue to ignore my requests or choose to keep leading me to an article in which I have STATED multiple times that I have tried and it did not work, I will also contact a lawyer. Your support team or whoever runs this is horrible at what they do hence I do not receive the help I need. I wish Dramafever were still running because atleast there - they helped me with any issue I ran into. This is irritating. I have tried to be nice and you guys have refused to answer me for reasons unknown. Quit referring the damn articles that don't help people who are going through situations like this that are trying to reach and just HELP. Do your JOB.



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    Hi there,

    We're so sorry to read this! 

    I see that my colleague has already responded to you has provided you with a refund for your charges.


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