show stopped loading

Watching Haechi up to episode 9 and now getting message uploading failed, try again. I have deleted and reloaded viki app and no success. I am on my iPad.



  • Same issue, only on Android.

    I do most of my drama watching via the Viki app on my tablet (Android, Lenovo Yoga 3).  I paid the big bucks for Pass Plus as a) I seriously dislike Kocowa's player, not to mention their search alogrythms, b) I seriously dislike the Cow's subs, Viki subs are totally worth waiting for, and c) Viki has enough nonCow content that I would still need subscriptions to both in order to watch all my shows, and Pass Plus is cheaper than Pass + Cow. 

    Well, a few weeks ago, I started getting "The video failed to load, try again later" errors.  Sometimes the video would play if I kept refreshing.  Usually not.  Updated my app; didn't help.  Checked Viki's Help section, and got the following:

    "We've recently partnered with Kocowa TV (a collaboration between three main Korean TV networks - KBS, SBS, and MBC) to bring the best drama viewing experience to our community. Shows that are licensed via Kocowa are served by the video platform company, Kaltura.

    At times, Kaltura might have issues that result in shows being unable to load. We're unable to take any further action on this unless fixed by Kaltura."

    Which seemed to be what was happening, as upon exploration I discovered that only Cow shows were Failing to Load. But the weird thing? I can play videos from the Kocowa app (I do have the free account there). I can play the videos from the Viki website (on both tablet and laptop). I can play the videos from the Viki app on my phone. I updated Android on my tablet to see if that would help. It wiped my tablet, but the videos still won't play.

    Am extremely frustrated and grumpy about this. It's been weeks! I do have work arounds, but they are annoying and inconvenient. So I've been watching nonCow shows and catching up on Netflix shows. But, dang it, I paid to be able to watch My Fellow Citizens, and I darn well want to watch it! Through my Viki app on my tablet! Which I bought specifically to watch dramas on! grump grump grump

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