[Closed] Viki "plus" episodes not availble for one year after they're added

So I went to watch an episode of a show today and noticed all but two episodes were grayed out and it said I couldn't watch them with the standard pass for another 360 days? This isn't just variety shows, this is basic dramas that I can watch on other sites as well.  When did this change happen?  It seems like Viki is pushing us to watch on other sites because we don't want to upgrade something we already pay $50/year for something that is double the price.  I was completely okay waiting 2-3 weeks to watch an episode of a drama, but to wait a full year for a service I am paying for and have been for three years is absolutely ridiculous. 



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    Hi there!

    To answer your question about the shows that are now under Viki Pass Plus, even though they were previously available on Viki Pass Standard, please keep in mind that we can only license content for a limited period of time. Once a title expires, the content provider can decide when, where, and how they want to relicense a title. 

    As this title has been relicensed as part of our Kocowa partnership, it then becomes a part of our Viki Pass Plus offering.

    We’ve partnered with Kocowa TV (a collaboration between three main Korean TV networks - KBS, SBS, and MBC) to bring the best drama viewing experience to our community.

    I hope this helps to clarify! 


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