[Solved] No Subtitles.on my PC or Roku.

I was just watching Secret Garden Ep 1 and it had Subtitles. I went to watch Ep 2 and no subtitles.  I went back to Ep 1 and then it didn't have Subtitles.  I went to HiStory 2 and it didn't have subtitles either.  So apparently this problem is happening still/again.



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    Hi there!

    We're so sorry about this but we're glad to let you know that this issue is now resolved.

    Thank you so much for your patience and kind understanding.


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  • Me too. It’s the weekend and all the shows I am watching have no subtitles. Help!


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  • I have the same problem since yesterday I was watching wok of love ep 25 and say no audio selection available please help!!!!!!!!

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