[Closed] Heartless City - cidade cruel

Sumiram as legendas a partir do episódio 19 . Ajudem .

Subtitles missing since episode 19. Help.



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    Hi there,
    Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues.
    If this issue is occurring on the Viki website, please try the following to ensure it's not a browser issue:
    1. Log out from your account
    2. Clean the cache and cookies on your browser -  How do I clear the cache and cookies on my web browser?
    3. Close the browser and restart it again.
    4. Log back into your Viki account
    5. Try again from another browser
    Alternatively, if you're experiencing this on a Viki app, please try deleting and reinstalling the app to see if it helps.
    If you continue to experience the same issue, please send me a full-monitor screenshot of the issue along with the names of the affected dramas and episodes.
    Let me know how it goes!
    Note: To respond to the thread, please click on "View the post" in the email notification. Responses to the email notification will not update the thread and are not received.
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  • already did that. I tested it on another device and it does not work. half of the last episodes without caption.

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  • Hi there!

    After looking into the last episode, we see that some parts have not been subtitled by our community just yet.

    Please follow the channel to get mobile notifications from the Viki mobile app when subtitles are completed. For more details on how to do this, please refer to this FAQ.

    If you wish to request subtitles for this particular show and episode, you can also fill out this form and we'll do our best to make it happen.


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