.CQ problems

I am a CQ, but I have no perks anymore. Even when I sent request to translate a show I do not even get an answer?????

So this down below is NOT true:

What I can suggest though, is that you work towards becoming a QC! Qualified Contributors, or "QCs," are able to contribute to and watch most videos, regardless of regional availability. Learn more about how to become a QC here

Goong that I was translating from English into Dutch since 2014 POOOFFF GONE!!!!

Now I sent requests for other shows.......NO RESPONSE!!!!



  • I am a QC too. I see the problem as I was one very active in on air dramas. It's like a caravan of the same people hopping from one drama to the next, so most of the time you will get - The team is full. That is at least respectful, I really don't like when people not even reply in this way, it gives a bad vibe.

    As I said, I was once on that train too.

    Stars Falling From the Sky, Oh! My Lady, Coffee House, Bad Guy, Prosecutor Princess, Athena, Protect the Boss, ...

    I jumped of the wagon, when your personal life has some challenges. You will revaluate your time.

    Anyway, what I can say is I "know" a NL contributor, so maybe she can help, I will give her your contacts. Up on this it's in her hands. About channels no longer accessible, it can happen, it will happen, you have to face that it's a fact that no license will be given for eternity, usually the end is in 3-4 years, usually!

    If you don't find a project in the near future or you only have some mere weeks left to keep your QC status contact me via PM. I will look for a project with you, okay?


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  • Thank you. Maybe soon I will find someone.

    If not, you will hear from me within 50 days. (I have still 61 days)



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