[Solved] Some videos on mobile app won't cast

I've tried to watch Babyface Beauty aloud The Greatest Love, both will play on mobile app but neither will cast. Most other titles will cast fine. This is a major waste of time and I just upgraded to pass plus so I could watch older titles. What can be done?



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    Hey there! 

    We apologise for the delay in reply. This issue has been resolved! 

    If you still face issues, please let us know.


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  • The same happens to me, I try a few dramas and the shows i can't cast to the Chromecast are the ones from Kocowa. 

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  • I have Viki Pass Plus and I'm experiencing the same issue. Everything plays fine on mobile app (iOS) but when I try casting to Chromecast, I get a grey/blank screen.

    I'm currently watching "Haechi" & I also tried casting "Running Man" but both of them are not responding. I get the same grey/blank screen. 

    I agree with @mauro_dagosti that most of the dramas/shows that are causing the issue of not being able to cast them to Chromecast are Kocowa content. 

    Everything was working fine up until approximately Tuesday, April 23, 2019 around 3:30 pm EST. Please help!

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  • cannot cast viki using chromcast via my ipad.   Youtubes videos etc works except for viki.  please help

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  • Hi hsieh_bobby_984,

    We will be writing to you via a ticket on the Help Center in a short while. Please help to respond there so we may gather more information about this issue you are facing.

    Meanwhile, we will be closing this thread to prevent any future confusion. 

    Thank you,

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