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Hallo guys,

I have been a Viky Plus customer for about two years. Prior to that I had Dramafever which I subcribed on with Amazon Prime. No doubt Viky has the biggest variety of shows, but how frustrating it is if they dangle a bottle of water in front of you in the desert, and when you try to grasp it : "Access rescricted" OR " 10/ 0 % subtitles" OR " Oops the video is not loading try again later". FYI I live in Los Angeles, and the censius of asians in this city is massive, so I don't think it's a customer preference. Maybe it's just me, but what do you guys think? Wouldn't it be better to be honest and just higher the price and have programs and the multitude of creative BUGS  work properly (as they did with Amazon before Dramafever shut down) ? I mean, Netflix it's offering a lot of shows (US AND NON ) at the same price, and considering that Viky has a gazzillions subscribers (I read it on Forbes ) shoudn't they push for what the AUDIENCE like instead of giving us sand in a bottle? The show they are promoting are dull and repetitive. Also, audiences are VERY loyal to past shows thery fell in love with. I don't know you guys but I watched "Ashes of Love" and "It's Ok that's love" a billion time. What if I want to watch "Goblin", "My love from the star" again? So pleeeaaasseee. Help me push these guys do what they are suppose to do: SUPPORT US. 



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