Home alone, my little old boy, the manager no new episodes for viki pass?!?

Viki pass standard
Variety shows like home alone, the manager, & my little old boy were only on a 3 episode delay. Now it is like 6 episodes & i still can't see them. What is going on? I am paying for viki but i have to wait 2 months on my favorite show now? Why did this change & why only variety shows? All other shows i can watch as soon as they release or at most a 3 episode delay. Someone help. I miss home alone



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  • @lutra


    The real problem is, I cannot subscribe to Viki Pass Plus because it is not there. I have only two options: Basic and Standard. The next problem, all variety shows (except for Men on Mission) are suddenly not avaible in my country (Austria).

    I don't know if this has something to do with Kocowa, because their service is only available in the US and if this means everyone except US citizens cannot watch Running Man, Master in The House and so on, than this would be a reason to cancel the subscription, because that is just unnecesserily rude to all the other subscribers

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  • @fureto50 Just so you know that I am answering you, as the function is not really working here, and I usually unfollow these posts here right away. I am not a Viki staffer, just to avoid misunderstandings.

    I am a volunteer from Germany. Das heißt ich könnte dir auch in Deutsch antworten. Info über die Pässe gibt es hier


    und ja, in Europa gibt es im Höchstfall Standard. Wie auch immer Kocowa ist ein Zusammenschluss der großen "Drei" Sender in Korea SBS, MBC und KBS, letzterer bietet viele seiner Varieté-Sendungen in Europa über YT an.

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