The Fiery Priest - Or what is the Standard?

What is what?
I know, I experienced it before there was a channel and it would bring episode after episode and then "Bang" :poop: Out of nowhere, this content is no longer available in your region.
Now it's this channel The Fiery Priest was accessible for me, either license/QC status, I don't know, but I could have watched it. I decided to wait till it's almost done. Good choice it seems.
Now it's not available to me
But there is a new "badge" at the channel icon stating "Standard" and sometimes "Standard Free Episodes"

It feels for me like always, I am looking high and low at Viki and do not find any information.
As a QC I have a Viki Pass Standard
But is that Standard the same as the other, because, if I open the channel The Fiery Priest

One will see restricted access ...
Am I just living on the wrong planet? Or will Viki apologize once again, because there was a mistake and the channel wasn't supposed to have that Standard Banner anyway?

Viki always manages to confuse me.



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