What's up with more dramas, but less translation?

Why is Sky Castle offered as a Premier drama, but the translation is unbelievably slow? Since Dramafever left the playing field, there are those who will pay more for your service. Hire more translators and up your game. It's so frustrating to see that a drama is 90+% translated, then to actually watch the drama and have the translation fall off at the half way mark!!! Ugh. Seriously, you can add a new category of viewer willing to pay more and can hire English translators... Take advantage of the market!!!

Seriously, add a Gold Star Division and charge more. Hire translators and add more content. You will still draw another tier, but the upper tier will pay for the top dramas and then pull in more viewers than ever before. Do you have someone watching your market? Seems not. You have no competition other than Netflix and they are not paying top dollar for multiple k-dramas, only very select ones. You shouldn't have to bid too high? Who else has the content or ability to compete with you, not even Kakoa can compete... what are you waiting for? You could easily double your monthly charge for view within a week of initial airing and people would definitely pay the extra amount because more than likely they were paying for Viki and Dramafever before... just like I was. But the top-tier only would view the drama, at first. Thus the reason for paid translation. The lower the tier, the less you pay and the longer you wait to see the drama. 

Get with it before someone at Netflix figures this out... If they realize they can corner this market, you are screwed. I've waited and waited for Sky Castle... you are blowing it.



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