(Request) Update Ideas regarding subtitles.

Double subtitles without learn mode: 

I think this will be a very useful feature for shows that are fully subbed for both the language of the show, and the language of the person watching. as some shows have 100% fully subbed available in the language of origin, and whatever the viewers native language is (I'll be using English as an example). I find it very frustrating when I see 100% subbed of both Korean and English, yet I am unable to have both of them on screen while watching. I think this would be a very useful feature to have.

Other idea:

Having the option to remove other subtitles from your option menu. I think it's a bit annoying whenever I am watching a show that has 100% of both Korean and English, and whenever I want to switch it to Korean I have to scroll through 10+ other languages before getting to Korean. Having the ability to disable languages from showing up in the option menu would be useful and more convenient I think.



Sorry if I wrote this poorly, but just some ideas I had. 



  • I would like to watch dramas with original subtitle abilities. I mostly watch C dramas as I am Chinese and if I cant hear them I would be able to read it in the original language. That would be nice thank you 

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  • For me, I would enjoy being able to see the phonetic spelling of Kdramas and CDramas, I learn to listen and repeat, this would benefit greatly in learning as I binge all of these wonderful shows.

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  • Yes, please have option to watch shows in their original language subtitles. This should not be difficult to do.

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