[Solved] Why Do I Have ads after I paid 9.99 for the month

So I bought a viki pass like 2 weeks ago so i would have access to everything within the app and no ads. Now here it is 2 weeks later and i have no pass anymore. I thought it was for a whole 30 days???



  • Try to logout and login, the Pass only works if you are logged in. Check also what it says in your VikiPass status, if it states you paid your subscription and it's not working then write here a feedback so a staff can look at it. Good luck. 

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  • Hey christytanksley_506,

    Sorry you’re not seeing Viki Pass benefits! I’ve just emailed you about this, and we can follow-up there.

    In the mean time, this is a common troubleshooting step you can try when you don’t see Viki Pass benefits after purchasing Viki Pass:
    Purchased Viki Pass but can't see benefits


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