[Closed] Missing GERMAN TITLE AND SUMMARY / 2nd request

I'm asking again for the German translation. Since Viki removed the German language for Moderators to translate Title and about summary please make sure when a drama or a movie is on air that it is timely done. - If you don't have a translator available then please ask a German Moderator of that show/movie to translate it. We do good translations.

In my case it's THE STORY OF MING LAN I requested this 2 weeks ago, and Netty's movie wasn't translated then as well... I don't remember which one. Here the link of my 1st request

I truly appreciate your responding... I also regret that Viki has removed this feature from the German Community.

Best, Simi



  • I'm bumping my own post... is there Kristie, Camille?

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  • Hi Simi,

    Sorry for the long delay.

    The translations should usually be released shortly after a show is licensed.

    For Story of Minglan, it appears there's a delay with the translation process, but not to worry, the German translations should be coming soon.


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  • Hi Kristie,

    Finally, thanks for feedback. The drama aired on 12/25 today it's 1/8 that's not really shortly and it should be translated around the time when it says coming soon, so that viewers can read it what it's about, isn't this the reason to have "About" so that viewers can inform themselves about the story. 

    Why has Viki taking this step to translate it themselves if they cannot really fulfill the task timely... this could be translated that Viki doesn't care much about the German viewers.

    This is not only Ming Lan, there are plenty others too, I think it would have been easier for Viki to let Mods translate it again, or email you the translations. It's really disappointing, time consuming and lastly Viki is paying for the translators.

    I just had to say it how it is, I truly hope there can be some middle way or that Viki reevaluates this decision, thank you for reading.

    Best and Happy New Year,




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