[Solved] No volume, mute always

Problem- NO SOUND.
The mute is on permanently.
Mute is stuck permanently,
No matter what I do, I have no volume.
The audio is properly and correctly working with all other applications in my computer except with Viki. 

Audio and/or sound settings in both my computer and all other video player applications are not in mute,  have sound/audio. 
Only or Viki video/audio player, Viki website is stuck on mute and has NO audio problems. 

Nothing in the community support helps (even though the subject appears, what is suggested does not work).
This is the 6th request I submit to the help center and reporting to video issues (under Viki video player's “settings”).

Please fix problem in my account. It's been multiple days of problems already.
Thank you. Please help!



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    Hi eorders888_718,

    I looked up the video issues report you sent, and the reason why you're not hearing any sound on the Viki website is because the volume control on your Viki video player has been set to mute.

    To hear the audio, please turn on the sound as per in the screenshot below.


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