[Solved] Watch history/followed shows gone +all shows "blocked" on Roku

I have a premium account and it says every show is blocked. This just happened. Also my watch history says "This is where watched shows are" and my following list says "You can see followed shows here". 

But the worst thing is every show on Viki says "blocked". Please tell me what to do. 



  • Hi, I got kicked off and then re-logged on and it seems okay. But please can you tell me what that was all about? Were you possibly doing tech work on the Roku app? 


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  • Hello ruyilove,

    Sorry about the issue!

    We've been undergoing scheduled maintenance recently, which might have been what led you to get logged out of Roku.

    It should be a one-off incident, and shouldn't occur again.

    If it occurs to you again, please let me know!


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