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I am an avid supporter, also a former ESL teacher.. so I love the aspect of volunteer students who can improve their language skills; and, I have the patience to wait until their work is done. I am seriously FED UP with people complaining about subs in the comments sections. I go to these to see other peoples' reactions, opinions, insights. Is there any way you can auto-block every comment that is a 1. a complaint 2. a demand for when subs will be up, etc. etc. 

If professional translators are used, I would have to pay more.. don't people understand that

Please, VIKI - this is a real irritant for many of your long-term subscribers - can you find a way to redirect these comments elsewhere ?





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    Hi logan_perron_763,

    Thank you so much for this suggestion to auto-block comments that were complaining about subtitles!

    We've been manually removing the comments complaining about subtitles, but as you complained, there are so many, it's hard for us to get to all of them in a timely manner.

    So thank you so much for this suggestion! We've just implemented it and you should be seeing a lot less such comments in future.

    Have a great Black Friday weekend!

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