[Solved] Subtitles disappearing during middle to end of episodes on the Roku.

The subtitles at one point show and then at random points from the middle to the end they disappear and then reappear and has been doing this for episodes 4 on the Arang and the magistrate. But when I view the exact episode through the laptop the subtitles show. Is this a continuous error with the Roku app? I have taken the app off and installed app back on the roku and still have same issue pop up.



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    Hi elliehawks88_993,

    Thanks for letting me know about this.

    This issue occurs because Roku can be a little finicky with subtitles, so when there are characters in the subtitles it doesn't like, it will refuse to show them.

    I've just removed the offending character from the subtitles and Roku will be showing you all the subtitles in the episode now.

    If you encounter this issue again on any video, be sure to let me know so that I can fix it right away.

    Wishing you a great Black Friday!

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