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Can someone please explain on the Viki Page about how the dramas are subtitled and that is done by volunteers.  It never fails that there are always complaints regarding subtitles by persons who are not familiar with how Viki works.  They think they are paying for subtitles when they pay for a membership which is not true.  They are paying for access to dramas without advertising.  If a message was on the main page for Viki or at least on the page for the drama along with the synopsis it would alleviate some of the frustration of the members along with the volunteers who are diligently working to subtitle the dramas.  It may also help to add this information along with the information regarding memberships.  If the persons know up front they are only paying for the access to view the dramas it could affect their decision but if they are true fans of Korean, etc. dramas, they will still pay for the membership.

I know this has been addressed before and should be a simple solution but so far it has not been resolved.  Please take my suggestion into consideration for our members.  Thank you.  Pam Van Fossen




  • Regarding subtitles. I understand that it is volunteer work. So the following statements are suggestions for the Improvement of subtitles for dramas on Viki. The problem that I have is not just slow subtitles but extremely slow and unfinished subtitles. " Bloody Romance " is an example. How is it that there is no follow up or additional assistance given to teams that are having difficulties? The suburbs have lives like all of us and things can happen. So what is Viki doing to ensure that subtitles are completed? How is it the dramas like in Oriental Odyssey and others are translated so quickly? Why not ask members of excellent serving teams to assist those subbers/teams that are having difficulties? Why? Because it seems that extremely slow subtitiling results in unfinished/incomplete subbed dramas.
    If you are not a Viki representative can you please forward this suggestion?

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  • Please excuse the word changes in the above comments- not suburbs but subbers and others.

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  • Even if you are TRUE Fan of Kdramas, you still need subtitles. Maybe they should pay for people to do the subtitles. I am trying to watch Cleaning with passion and there are whole scenes missing. I do pay every month.  I think Viki needs to pay the people that do it so we can continue watching the great Kdramas here. I am a TRUE FAN but I still need to know what is happening.

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  • There is one, in several languages already, but one must be willing to find, read and even want to know about it.

    There are many Viki customers, who are going strongly against the volunteer thought at all. They only say, they are paying Viki, so Viki should be paying the subbers. But their only interest is their own language. One could calculate and do the math for more than 1 drama, 10, 20 and more than 1 subber in every language ...

    Then Viki would need to say, dear customer pay more, as we have higher costs.

    There are too many "me firsts" in this world.

    Oh, here is the link by the way. As you really need to look thoroughly to find it.

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  • pam_vanfossen_687

    I fully agree! I have been on Viki for a long time! I was also a member of DramaFever at the same time until they closed.

    Ever since WarnerBros bought & shut down DF, who had professional translators, the Viki community has taken a huge hit. The overall attitude of the community discussions & timed comments has completely degraded.

    DF got shut down because professional subtitling teams do not come cheap, as well as the rising popularity of Asian shows causing distribution/licencing costs to jump a lot in the last 10 years. WarnerBros couldn't make enough profit off of a niche site which cost too much to run, with pro translators who make about $20+ per hour each, so they shut the who thing down. 

    The Viki Community is being severely damaged by these ignorant people who are constantly complaining about subs. Complaints everywhere, I can't even watch shows with timed comments on anymore & I used to love that part of our community. Subbing complaints in reviews and discussions, arguments about subs in discussions. I'm starting to confront the SubTrolls and even that is frustrating because they believe they pay for Subs like they did with DF.

    You pay for the legal distribution & licencing of these shows to your region. And having a safe a secure place to watch them.

    There are plenty of pirate sites with subs, and loads of viruses too.

    That is what you pay for, no ads and no viruses for $10 per month, each volunteer gets free membership. Professional translators cost $20+/hour each vs. Volunteers who cost $10/month each.

    Go ahead and do the math on the costs of having pros over volunteers......... wait its OK you don't have to.

    WarnerBros already did the math and it = shutdown

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