[Solved] Subtitles now showing

My subtitles are not working on my Samsung galaxy phone. I have try reinstalling your app. Turning on them of then on again. I even restarted my phone nothing works. Please fix it. Thanks



  • I've been having the same issue. It also happened the other night, but cleared up.

    I'm on a Galaxy8, Android 8.0, Viki app v.4.19.2.

    I've also tried restarting (phone and app) reinstalling the app, and clearing the app cache.
    The show I'm watching is Doctors. Episode 12.
    I checked previous episodes I've watched, and gozer don't show either.
    Room 9 also didn't show. Weightlifting Fairy did.
    Any suggestions?

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  • Hi @silverbutterflygrl78_305 & @cl_braden_935

    I see the title of this post is saying Subtitles now showing.

    If any of you experience subtitles disappearing again, please let me know.


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