Ads more evenly distributed that don't interrupt scenes

Hi. I'm new in Viki, so I don't know if this is how it worked before and was later changed or not but I would prefer if the ads that are displayed during the video would be more evenly distributed, and also it would be better if they didn't interrupted the scenes.

Once the show starts the first ones appear after 18 mins but all the following ones are every 9 minutes, which leaves me feeling like they happen too soon. It would be better if they happen every 10 minutes. Also they interrupts scenes. I understand that this is how it works in other sites where you don't know how good is the rest of the video (cough! yt) but here I believe most of us want to see every chapter from the beginning to the end.

I think it would be a better experience for those that don't have a subscription yet, which is important too.



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