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given dramafever's demise, I'd like viki to get licensing for some of those shows like my mister, go go waikkii, terius and me, third charm, beauty inside.  also, it would be good to get news about stars and future productions as well as recaps and reviews of shows.  



  • Hi meht0003_144,

    With Dramafever ceasing operations, many users have also requested for us to license the shows that were Dramafever exclusives.

    The licensing process is often a complex one, involving plenty of negotiations and legal discussions. Hence, it might take a while before we are able to pick up these titles. To learn more about our licensing process, check out this blog post written by our CEO.

    Our team is certainly aware of the demand and are trying our best to see what we can do!

    In the mean time, you can also fill out our Title Request Form, which you can find here. This will let our team know which titles users want to see most on Viki.

    Also, with regards to getting news about stars and future productions, you can check out Soompi here! :)

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  • I agree!  I am paying for Viki Plus which is supposed to include all the Kocawa dramas according to VIKI but I cannot access certain Kocawa produced dramas that are available on Kocawa but not on Viki.  So why did I get Viki Pass if that is what they promised me???


    Very frustrating.

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