[Closed] Deleting videos from my watch history


It's a couple of months now since I could actually delete videos from my watch list. I say "actually" because after I delete a video, it magically appears again when I log in the next time. The watch history even shows me videos I watched months ago and that I had already deleted at the time. I've tried to delete them from my tablet, cellphone and computer but it didn't work. I hope you can help me. It's a little thing but sometimes it gets confusing, especially as I share the account with my sister and my mom and we watch three different shows at the same time...
Thank you!





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    Hi lost_in_austenland,


    Thank you for reaching out to us! I have created a help ticket for you, and we can follow-up with this there.


    We're sorry for the trouble this issue has caused, and we hope to assist you in resolving this issue!

    Do follow up with us on the ticket!




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