[Solved] Watched History is broken

For the past few weeks, nothing I've watched on Viki has registered in my history. It doesn't matter I use to watch: website, Apple TV, Roku, etc. None of them are keeping track of watched shows. Please fix this ASAP or I will have to cancel my subscription and go back to VRV. Thank you.



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    We've just released a new Apple TV app containing the fix for this issue.

    Please go to the App Store to update to the latest Viki app.


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  • Hi cheshry,

    I looked up your account and see that you've been watching mostly on Apple TV lately. It appears there is an issue with Apple TV saving Watch History lately.

    Just to confirm that this is an Apple TV-specific problem, could I check if your Watch History gets updated when you watch on other non-Apple TV devices?

    For example, check if your Watch History on website updates when you watch videos on itself.

    Let me know how things go!


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