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I use the Amazon fire tv for viki on my Samsung smart tv. Its weird that my saved subtitle font doesn't reflect on the tv. Its really distracting and difficult to watch and read at the same time. I like my captions with a clear background. Not black. Can't even change the font. Please help. Just had a baby and this is my getaway. Please can you fix it?or any suggestions?



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    Hello t22u,

    Fire TV app is currently using the default font.

    We currently do not have the feature to customize subtitle fonts on the TV app.

    But this is one of the features that we're looking into building in coming TV app versions.

    Another user has already made a feature request for it Customizable subtitles for PC & TV apps and it'd be great if you can help upvote this idea as it will help the team prioritize build the features for which users would like to have the most.


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