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I subscribed to Viki Pass Plus in April just because I wanted to see this show and it was not available with the standard pass and now this content is no longer available in my region as of today. I live in CA. This is so very disappointing and I don’t feel good about this as a user. Had I known this I would never have subscribed to the pass plus which is double the standard fee.  If the content is going to expire viki should at least let the user know of this in advance before yanking it out of the app like this. Very unhappy about this. I have been recommending Viki to all my friends and in the last year alone have gotten so many of them to get your app because I have loved it so much but this situation has made me very disappointed and I no longer can recommend this. .  Also losing licenses like this to some of our favorite shows is so unsustainable as a user when there are competing sites that provide this and more content for the same price or less.



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    Hi lovesasiandrama,

    Sorry that the license for one of your favorite shows has expired on Viki!

    If you'd like to request City Hunter in the US again, please fill up our content request form here. The team will do our best to acquire this show for you again, and do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused in the mean time.

    We will also be looking to change things up by informing our community ahead of time before a show becomes unavailable.


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