[Solved] How To Tell If A Show Is Standard or Plus

Although there's a support article that says that a show's Standard or Plus capability is indicated by icons on the Channel and Episode pages, I can't find any such icons. Perhaps I need more coffee before I check :-), but is there any other way to find this information?



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    Hey liches74090_834,

    The Standard and Plus icons only appear when you do not have a Viki Pass Standard or Plus icon, which means to say:

    • If you have no subscription or a Viki Pass Basic subscription, you will see the Viki Pass Standard and Plus icons on shows
    • If you have a Viki Pass Standard subscription, you will only see Viki Pass Plus icons
    • If you have a Viki Pass Plus subscription, you will not see any of these icons

    Additionally, since Viki Pass Plus shows are only available in the Americas, if you're outside of the Americas, Viki Pass Plus icons will not appear on shows.

    In addition to the icon, you can also check what shows are Viki Pass Standard/Plus Exclusives on the Explore page.

    But thank you for your feedback. We'll be looking into how we can improve this.


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  • thanks 

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