English Subtitles on Birth of a Rich Man

RE: Birth of a Rich Man: Viki shows 100% English subs, but the is at least one MEANINGFUL missing sub in almost every episode. It is almost as if the interpreters are playing a game of fooling the viewer. Also, some subs are flashed, making one rewind several times to catch what is said. In most cases, there is nothing in the next moment to require the removal of the subtitle that quickly. Another issue is the poor spelling and poor grammar that is used. This often requires rewinding to figure what is actually meant. There is a lack of standardization in spelling. When some characters started playing games with the name of the male lead, I was at first mislead because there were so many different spellings of his name up to that point that I didn't catch the joke. Unfortunately, I never did understand what that joke was. Last, there are times when a translation is better that an interpretation. "Oppa", does not means Choi Suk Bong, and ten seconds of talk cannot be translated as "umph". 

If this is what 100% means to Viki, I will probably stay with the 'other' drama site and not use Viki anymore. -chop701_993




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