[Solved] June badges

Anyone know if the "June badges" for subtitling and segmenting have been issued.  I wasn't quite sure if I had done enough to qualify, and they said to wait about a week for them to be issued. 


thanks, grum.ben



  • Funny, I had a spare moment, looked at my badges and was wondering the same thing. :) I know I have easily done more than 1000 contributions during that span of time.  I am also curious as to the badge deal for July as well. 


    <i>GeNie of the Lamp</i>  the Elemental of Editing

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  • Maybe we just have to patient.  haha ;)

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  • Hi everyone, 

    Thanks for checking in on this! We're just wrapping up reviewing all participants in this last subathon. Badges should be applied to all profiles within the next few days. 

    Thanks again for participating!

    Viki Community Team

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