[Solved] Error Viki Pass

Hello, so for the last week (or more i don't know anymore) Viki was trying to recharge my VikiPass but without success.
1. My card (as it saying) is declined, it's not accepting my cvc and for just paying it is saying that there's not funds in the card so I cannot be charged.
2. Via mobile version still don't accept my card as a payment as saying "This payment method is declined" . Tried paying with Paypal - got the same message.
I had to stop my subsription for now because for the whole time Viki is trying to charge me for it and returning me the money on the next day.
Please, do something about it.
P.S. My card has always funds and it's VISA.



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    Hello devolution,

    Sorry to hear your card is being declined.

    I've just contacted you via email with regards to this. We can follow-up about this there.


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