[Solved] Perfect Couple

I was about to watch this show and was looking through the pic's that shows the epsiode's and saw that from number 23 till the ens there has not been any subtitles. I have come across this before with other shows. Just wondering if this show will get finished? I have seen it like this for over 2 weeks now. I did not want to start to watch it if it will not get finished. I would help with subtitles but my computer is old and can not download any new software to be able to do that or i would help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this issue gets looked at.




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    Hey cheetabear38_66,

    Are you referring to this Perfect Couple?

    If so, not to worry, we only got this show on Viki, and the subtitling process is still on-going. It might take awhile longer for the rest of the episodes to be completely subtitled.

    In the mean time, what I can suggest is for you to Follow the channel to get mobile notifications from the Viki mobile app when subtitles are completed. For more details on how to do this, please refer to this FAQ.

    Also, you can definitely help with the subtitling process, and there's no need to download any new software to help at all. The subtitling software is on the website itself so all you need to do is open the subtitling tools webpage to help subtitle. You can learn more about the process at Before you start subtitling, be sure to message the Channel Manager for permission to be added to the subtitling team first :)


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  • For me it shows completed English subtitles, try again, maybe it was a temporary problem.

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  • And generally, even if a show isn't completely translated, it's not a "bug" - although it may be an issue, but not something that viki technicians and staff can solve. It would be more advisable to write to the English moderator or Channel Manager first, because they and only they are the ones that can do something about it. If they are both inactive and have been for a long time, they don't come to viki, they don't reply to messages etc., then viki can strip them of their position and put someone else who can complete the job. 

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