[Solved] Contributions and Activities not showing up, but the subtitle says it's saved. :(

18 hours ago, I did work when I was up in the mountains on two dramas.  All of that to the moment I logged off last night is there.


Today - I started to work on 2 dramas and noticed the activity log did not register my work, but the sub said it saved...and the language lock did not appear either - I was locking a couple of episodes...what's more, my contributions page does not show them either.


Kristie, appreciate your help on this.  I am rather reluctant to get to far into editing something if I might have to edit it again. :(





  • it seems to be lagging so much that it appears not to be happening - a possible server lagging or something - things are now starting to show up as if I "just did them".  Very odd!


    Anyway I'll keep an eye on it. :)



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  • Hey Linda,

    Are you still experiencing these issues?

    If so, please send screenshots of the issues as they will help to illustrate the problem.


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  • Hi Kristie :)


    It seems to be solved at the present time, thank you.  Please close the ticket and this post - and if it recurs, I'll return and let you know. 


    it may have been some sort of server lag that then resolved for some reason behind the scenes...

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