[Solved] canceling service

I have moved overseas and I no longer need viki subscription.

thank you so much before and now I have a satellite system and TV to manage.

today's date is June 4th 2018 and please cancel now.

yours Truly.




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    Hello Makiko,

    Per your request, your Viki Pass subscription has been cancelled.

    You will continue to enjoy Viki Pass benefits until the end of your billing period.


    P.S. Please do not share any personal details on forums as they are public spaces that can be accessed by anyone.

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  • please submit my cancelation of serviceVIKI from 6/4/18.

    I have moved overseas and I no longer need service.

    Thank you!

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  • did you receive my cancelation notice ?  I no longer watch VIKI from 6/4/18.

    My email is ***. Let me know that you have got my message.

    Thank you.

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