[Solved] New badges- bug



I've already consistently had a delay in the applications of new badges to my profile. 

I finally reached 20,000 segments, but haven't gotten a 'golden scissors' badge T.T

I will patiently wait till it appears, but I was just wondering why this always happens with my badges. 

Is it a system-issue?





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    Hey feyfayer,

    I believe the 'golden scissors' badge you're referring to is the Power Segmenter badge.

    This badge isn't automatically given to users and requires you to apply for it after reaching certain requirements, one of which is reaching 20,000 segments.

    You can find out more about the necessary requirements and how to apply for Power Segmenter status in this FAQ:
    Power Segementer status


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  • Hi Kristie, 

    I didn't know you had to apply for it. And yes, that is what I meant- the Power Segmenter Badge.

    I thought it would appear on your profile like the QC badge when you met the requirements. 

    Thanks for letting me know :)


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