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Hi - I'm a native English speaker and have been studying Mandarin Chinese on my own for many years.  I usually rate upper intermediate when I do online tests.  I've decided to try to do subtitles (Chinese to English) to improve my Mandarin.  Can someone tell me if a chinese drama already has Chinese character subtitles.  I feel like I could write English subtitles if there are Chinese characters, but am less confident if I have to just listen and write the chinese characters before translating into Chinese. 

Thanks for any help you can give me! - bj



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    Hi bj,

    We'd be delighted for you to join our subtitling community!

    What I can suggest is that you can try subtitling (Mainland) Chinese) dramas since they tend to come with Chinese hard subs on the video, which you can then use as translation reference.

    Hope this helps. All the best with your Chinese studies and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.


    P.S. Be sure to send a message to the Channel Manager before starting to subtitle.

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