Just translate a title if it will have subtitles in that language

Some titles are available only with English subtitles, but the title and the description from these called "only English content" is being translated to other languages too. If there will be only English subtitles then the whole thing should just have English description and title, translating it just will give false expectations to the other language viewers. Let's take Two Cops as an example, it's only available with English subs but the description and the title are translated to other languages! I don't know you, but when I see a channel with description in my language it makes me think there will be subtitles in my language too. Those in charge to translate the channel titles should do it only on channels with other language subtiles available. That's what I think.

P.S: I know Two Cops is a Kocowa content and it's olny available in English because the license terms.



  • I can translate from english to german. let me know if I can help you guys😊

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  • I can't help you with that. I'm not german, but you can go to Viki's main page and scroll down till you reach the coming soon section, if there's a drama you're interested in help with, contact the German Moderator (if there is one) and ask if you can join her/his team.

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