[Solved] Segment and Subtitle Counter glitch

There seems to be a glitch with the segment / subtitle counter. 

No matter what projects I work on, the segments I do aren't registered. 

As for subtitles, the subtitle counter freezes and only updates with 20 or 30 subtitles at a time, while I've completed parts of episodes. 

I've already gotten the badge for the 50,000 subtitles but my counter was stuck on 49947 (lower before) and now went to 49977 after working on 2 projects. My segment counter is still stuck at 19287 / 19376 and none of my segment contributions were showing up in my projects or contributions page. Just started to see them now, but the counter hasn't changed...




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    Hey feyfayer,

    Thanks for reporting this. This problem has now been fixed.

    If you're still experiencing problems with it, please let me know!


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