[Solved] Kocowa content is stalled with English subtitles for a day or two

I have addressed this previously, not in a single post but within another.

I'm addressing only the Kocowa dramas without teams, with English subtitles only. Lately the dramas are posted on the air day but it takes sometimes till 10/11 pm EST of that day, or until next day morning, or until next day evening or the following day when English subtitles are finally uploaded.

Kocowa website has them uploaded with English subtitles while it is missing on Viki. As this is a partnership with also higher subscription I don't understand why the English subtitles are always missing. In the earlier stage of Kocowa content the dramas seemed to be uploaded with English subtitles in a timely manner, now it seems there is a constant delay, is this somehow intentionally or is there a faulty on Viki's side when English subtitles aren't with videos together uploaded.

I didn't want to bring this up here and wrote privately but I did as I was told.

I appreciate your clarification and possibly fix to this delay.

Best, Simi

PS For example: The Good Witch, Marry Me Now, My Husband Mr. Oh



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    Hey Simi,

    Thanks for letting us know!

    We're looking into why the subtitles are getting uploaded late and are looking into correcting this.


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