[Solved] QC gift shipment

I emailed Camille and posted in discussions with @camille and @kristie. Perhaps it's the Easter that got in the way. But here my last try.

I have NOT received any shipment NOR a shipping confirmation. Majority of German Viki members I know have received their Tshirt gift and banner. Im in the US and I'll be moving soon.

Any hope to get the shipment before I move 3/4 weeks??? I filled the google form on Nov 7, 2017, and have the copy of it.

Your support is greatly appreciated, Simi



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    Hey simi11,


    Thanks for letting me know.

    The reason why Camille didn't respond is because she's currently on vacation and will only return next week.

    I've alerted Kristine and Jimmy about this and they should be getting in contact with you shortly.


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  • Thanks Kristie, just what I thought, double trouble......

    Best, Simi

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  • This happens to me as well. I have not received anything yet -_-

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