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I have been a Viki Pass holder for a long time but everytime I want to watch something it tells me to upgrade my pass, so what's the use of having a regular pass anyway. I think I will just cancel my subscription since I can watch everything at Dramafever anyway. Good luck.



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    Hey lazaro_n_valdes_474,

    Sorry you feel that way. I have created a help ticket for you, and we can follow-up with this there.

    In the mean time, please note that different subscriptions give you access to different content. You can find out more about what your benefits you get access to with your current subscription in these FAQ articles:

    What’s the difference between Viki Pass Standard and Plus?
    How do I know if a show is Standard or Plus?


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  • I am constantly having the same problem, asking me to sign up for Viki Pass.  Even thought a long time Viki Pass paying customer, does not work without ads.


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  • Hey D.Lee,

    Sorry you're experiencing these problems!

    I've just contacted you via email, please follow-up there.


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