[Solved] English Subtitle on Her Legend Episode 15

The episode 15 of Her Legend has Spanish subtitle instead of English even though the setting shows as English. Please fix as I am not fluent in Korean nor in Spanish. Greatly appreciated. 



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    Hi r4n12000_59,

    Subtitles have been fixed for Ep 15 of Her Legend.

    Enjoy watching! :)

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  • Hey r4n12000_59,

    I just looked up the subtitles for Ep 15 of Her Legend, and from what I can see, all the English subtitles are in English.

    To help me find out what's causing this, could you do the following:

    1. At the bottom of the video player, next to the volume icon, go to Settings > Report Video Issues
    2. Check the relevant categories and write any additional details and click Submit. This will automatically send us useful information that will help us debug what might be causing the issue you're experiencing.

    Also, please include a screenshot of the Spanish subtitles you're seeing.


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  • Thanks for sending the video issue report!

    The team is investigating the issue and I'll get back to you once we have a resolution!


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