[Solved] Missing contributions and back-dated projects

I've posted in the Team Discussions on some of the dramas I'm working on, so some of you will have seen this message.

Today, I noticed that many of my editing contributions and segmenting contributions disappeared. I first noticed when I was on my Projects page that it back dated me to previous episodes that I'd already completed. Thinking that was weird, I checked my contributions page and saw that it stopped at 2 days ago. All my contributions from yesterday and early this morning were gone. As if I did nothing.

I've loaded 3 print screens with the date and time to show what I mean. Using The Flame's Daughter as an example as that is currently a job I'm doing daily. It shows on my contributions that I was on 2 days ago. 
But on the Flame's Daughter, you can see I had been working on it recently, as of Ep23. On my Projects list it says the last time I worked on it was Ep21.

Sadly, I did not keep up with the total number on my profile if it reflected what the contributions page was telling me. Ugh.

I did check a few volunteers who I work with on TFD and other dramas and saw a few discrepancies but nothing as big as 2 days as my pages were telling me.



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    Hey kakashiandme and deadliftdiva_548,

    Sorry about the issues you were experiencing with contributions over the weekend.

    The contributions have already been recovered and you should be able to see them again.

    If you still notice anything missing, please let me know.


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  • YES, My contributions are missing as are ALL the edits in the episodes.  The activity log shows the edits there, but open sub editor, and THEY ARE ALL GONE.  The raw unedited episode is what's in sub editor.  The version PLAYING ON SCREENS is the EDITED!

    It's not just contributions.  It's the actual WORK and you don't find this out unless you unlock ENGLISH and look at it!

    So...since the work disappeared from sub editor's copy of the episode, so did the contributions, despite it all being listed IN the activity log!

    Odds are at the moment, Flame's Daughter has something other than your FINAL PRODUCT released...same as what happened at UL!

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