[Solved] Technical issues with Viki Pass Standard

I'm writing on behalf of one of my subtitlers, she has the full QC, wrote more than 3.000 subtitles in the past weeks and should get the Viki Pass Standard. But the Viki Pass Standard is not available! 

I already asked Kristine, who checked the situation and told me, that the problem is a technical issue. My subtitler has already asked for help at the help center and got 2 tickets, but is waiting for a reply since weeks. 

But I really need my subtitler, who is part in many of my teams and has no access to the editor because of the missing Viki Pass Standard. If I delete her from the team and add her anew, sometimes she has access, but the last days nothing is working. 

It would be great if anyone could look into this matter! 

This is my subtitler:

Thank you! 



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    Hey somejuwels,

    Thanks so much for bringing this up to our attention! As we are a small team dealing with a large volume of tickets, we sometimes miss tickets.

    We are looking into this matter and will be getting back to nightflake's help ticket request.


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