how to download a video in

how to download a video in



  • You're not supposed to.

    There are a few browser extensions which could do it. But as it's not something encouraged or supported, nobody can give you instructions, you have to do your own research. 

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  • I doubt this is what the original poster intended, but some streaming services allow downloading videos for a certain amount of time for offline viewing.

    It'd be cool if Viki ever got that something like that in the works. Perfect for travel or a commute without decent internet!

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  • In Prime and Netflix, we can download if we have subscription. We can watch offline within period of time. I had dramafever subscription before, I can able to downloadn watch dramas offline while on the go. I wish Viki would do the same. I subscribe Viki and paying monthly to watch without ads and early access to some shows.  

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