[Solved] Can't link channel to my account

I can't link the channel to my account. I'm typing the right link, but ask me for my email address instead




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    Hi manchasxx15_190,

    Are you trying to login on Roku?

    To link your account to your Roku device, please follow these steps:

    1. Login to your Viki account on web
    2. Go to the homepage of the Viki app on Roku, in the "Categories", click on "Login".
    3. Use the Roku linking code you see on your TV screen and write it down on the code section on
    4. Click "Link Now".
    5. On the Roku app, click “I have entered the code". You are now logged in to your Viki account on your Roku device.

    If you continue to experience problems logging in when following the above steps, please send me a picture of the problem so that I can troubleshoot the issue!


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